Japanese Import-Only Reissue of Hesitation Eyes

Greetings from Sunnyvale, Texas. Not too much happening in my corner of the world. Every day is 100 degrees, my tennis game has improved by leaps and bounds, and members of the band have been developing new diet and exercise routines in the vain search for rock-and-roll skinniness. Yes, we’re still alive. Yes, we’re writing songs. And if you’re looking for new music/product, we’re happy to announce the Japanese reissue of our Hesitation Eyes long-player on Star Mole Records. The record has new artwork and bonus tracks, including one previously unreleased song and our lo-fi version of the Gram Parsons/Chris Hillman/Bernie Leadon-penned classic “Older Guys”. You can order it from Japan, see if yr local record store will bring it in, or maybe we’ll eventually play a show or two and have some on the merch table. In the meantime, invite us to your swimming pools. We’ll bring the beverages…

Mesquite Neighbors

Sure, we appreciate kinds words from people like Pitchfork, Harp, and Paste, but nothing means more than getting recognition from our hometown. Check it out.

While we’re online we also want to send a big “thank you” to the folks came to our SXSW show. It was a pleasure to meet so many people from different corners of the country.

The Foxymorons at SXSW

Dear friends, if you’re in Austin for the big SXSW madness, come on down and close out Friday evening with us. The rollicking 6-piece band will hit the stage at 1 am. We’ll have newly-designed tees and new songs. See you there…

Friday, March 17th, 1:00 am
Spiro’s Patio
611 Red River


Also, we are sad to report that, in response to David Dewese’s bold claim that the Foxymorons are more famous than Zacheus, the slight-statured, tree-dwelling minor biblical character found in the Gospel, an anti-Foxymorons campaign has taken root in Mesquite, Texas. We’ve decided to join the protest and we’ve purchased new tees to show our support! If you hate the Foxymorons as much as we do, send us an e-mail to confirm size availability and you can proudly wear your disdain. They’re only $12. We’ll also have them for sale at the shows. The tees are burgundy and come in S,M,L, and XL (pictured at top).

New York City

Our own David Dewese will be playing solo acoustic in New York City on Friday, December 30. He’s playing at a club called The Living Room and will be kicking things off at 7:00 pm. He’ll be playing plenty of Foxymorons songs so head on over there if you live anywhere near the city.

Flubs & Outages

If you’ve never seen the Foxymorons in concert, here’s your chance. Dad Dewese in Mesquite has once again encoded some bootleg video for us. This is from our most recent show in Dallas and highlights include guitar flubs, gear outages, forgotten lyrics, and a new song. Watch it here.

Speaking of songs, we’ve also just posted two more free downloads from our latest album. If you still don’t own Hesitation Eyes, maybe these two songs will finally convince you to buy it.

Foxymorons at the Cavern

So, we’ve heard the rumours that the Cavern is better than ever. Well, we’re looking forward to playing there this Saturday, Nov. 12th w/ I Love Math, Salim Nourallah, and Jetpack. We’ll have plenty of smiles and merch so sidle up next to us and introduce yourself.


The October Update: JJ got to the bottom of the Clap Your Hands Say Yeah hype. The Astros are in the World Series! Our dancing keyboard player, Jackson, got married. I had a song written about me. Brian and I saw our first South San Gabriel show. We demoed a ton of new songs. The new Silver Jews album was released. Our friend Duke started a music blog. The new My Morning Jacket blew my mind. Halloween is on a Monday. Oh, and we’re playing in Philadelphia for the first time.

Philadelphia and Dallas Shows

The Foxymorons have been anxiously awaiting the Nashville/Dallas cold front to blow through so that we can unpack our favorite autumn sweaters and watch Arrested Development without commercial interruptions. We hope you’re enjoying the baseball/football season as much as we are.

And now for the real news: the Foxymorons play LIVE. We’ve got a couple of shows in Philadelphia and Dallas coming up real soon. First, THIS Saturday, the band will meet up in Philadelphia, PA for a daytime show w/ Jetpack, Walker Lundee, Bishop Allen, and more. This should be a pretty fun party w/ DJ Doug Wallen spinning records between sets. We should hit the stage around 6pm. See the tour page for the details.


Look for a show or two in the Northeast around Halloween. Our first time up that way. In the meantime, we’ve still got tees, 7″ singles, stickers, and the new record. Btw, as long as you’re bored surfing the web, why not relinquish your dignity and join us here:

Video Schmideo

Dad Dewese in Mesquite encoded some video from our Texas shows back in May. You can check out our Trees rock show with the Deathray Davies as well as our Virgin Mega acoustic in-store.

In other news, we’re working on little Southern California mini-tour that’ll be happening at the end of the month. Details very soon. Happy holiday weekend.