Summer Recap

it was a behind the scenes summer and fall in foxymorons land. besides writing songs and scheming for the next album, we had some solo fun in our respective states. jerry quit a job, did some european backpacking, and moved to austin, the music capital of texas. david did some swimming, made some webpages, and played some gigs with his “other” band. but i guess all you really care about is the music news. well, our latest album, rodeo city, is still available. you can find it all over the web and in virgin mega stores, tower records, and fine independent shops all across the country. oh yea, you can also get it here. head over to the albums page for info and free mp3s.


A Dallas-area duo boasting remarkable songwriting breadth. Touches of Wilco, Pavement, Galaxie 500, and the Velvets are woven into a lo-fi context that’s charming, unpretentious and more tuneful than a barrel full of tin pan alley songwriters.


we halted our regurgitation mp3 cover album project last spring thanks to an injunction order, but all of the mp3 songs we finished are still available on the albums page. thanks to all the people that submitted song suggestions. sorry we couldn’t do all of your suggestions. maybe next year! top secret of course.