Dagger Zine

I don’t follow this Texas duo as often as I should but every time a new record pops into my po box I always think, “Oh cool, those guys are still around” as I always want to check out what they’re up to. The duo of David Dewese (who now actually lives in Nashville) and Jerry James (still in thei hometown of Dallas) have been at it for two decades (yup) and this is full-length number five. Co-produced by Centromatic’s Will Johnson it seems like the band has gotten a bit more ragged on this release (maybe Johnson helped there). Loose ends are hanging all of the place and while the band’s pop tunes are still there (mostly) sparks are flying off in different parts that we had not seen before (check out the melodic-yet-sizzling “Spinning on a Needle”). Layers of soot permeate the excellent “Frontier Feelings” which I was reminded of 90’s staples like Butterglory and Beulah (also on the punchier, superb “Permanent Frown”) while they channel their inner/outer Velvet Underground love (or maybe it’s Mercury Rev) on the trippy “Hugs/Drugs.” OK, so if we wanna get technical here I think Hesitation Eyes is still my favorite Foxymorons record but Fake Yoga is a close second and I really hope these guys hang around and keep doing this every few years.