The Foxymorons are not your run-of-the-mill popsters: The band’s constituents are Jerry James and David Dewese, two guys who grew up in the same small Texas town but now live hundreds of miles apart, write their songs long-distance, and almost never play live gigs or tour. And there’s the uber cool name, which manages to goof at least two ways (“foxy moron” itself qualifying as an oxymoron). The music on their third full-length release bifurcates neatly into two parts marked by who’s singing what. On one hand, there’s spare, slo-mo lo-fi, sometimes punctuated by noisy guitar bursts, and featuring James’ vocals. On the other, Dewese takes the mic for some near-Byrdsian folk-rock (complete with jangling Rickenbacker on the driving “Terror on the Tarmac”) and various flavors of more melodic, poppy material. It’s an atypical, if not exactly incongruous, sonic amalgam.