Magnet Mix Tape

Legend has it that the Foxymorons were born in a Sunday-school classroom when David Dewese and Jerry James (who hail from Tennessee and Texas, respectively) found an abandoned drum kit and started playing. Now, 16 years later, the duo has released its fourth full-length, Bible Stories (Foxyphoton), which is a rather fitting name given the band’s origins. However, instead of somber ballads about the New Testament, Bible Stories is actually a collection of infectious pop tunes on subject matters such as gardening. Here’s a mix tape James made especially for MAGNET.

Nirvana “On A Plain”
Maybe my favorite song of all time. Wry, funny, stream-of-consciousness and terribly sad. I played the Unplugged version of this song too many times in 1994-95. It’s just sort of a perfect song for me. Oh, and that bridge, that bridge! Video

Big Star “O, Dana”
“I’d rather shoot a woman than a man” What’s he singing about? One of my favorite songs from a favorite album. Video

Miley Cyrus “Party In The USA”
Sue us. It’s summer. We drive with the windows down. This song always fits the moment. Video

The Mother Hips “Third Floor Story”
Oh man, this song was kind of the epic jam of last fall, at least for our gang. It’s sort of over-the-top and funky in a way that we could never pull off. Hilarious riffs and falsettos, faux-bitter lyrics and classic-rock moves that feel totally great and sincere, although I can’t help but think they’re being a bit cheeky. Who knows, who cares? Video

The Velvet Underground “Who Loves The Sun”
I just heard it on the radio the other day. This song has always ruled me. I like the simple sentiment and direct language. This is my favorite kind of VU song. Video

The Raincoats “Fairytale In The Supermarket”
This song and recording sounds so alive in a way that thrills me. I completely love Ana da Silva’s voice and that shouted chorus. Beautiful. Video

Centro-matic “Picking Up Too Fast”
Truth be told, I could’ve picked any song from this Texas band’s 2003 album, Love You Just The Same. Oh, just get it already will you?

No Age “Ripped Knees”
Two dudes who make a lot of cool racket. I like the spirit of the band, and this record really cooks. Video

Yo La Tengo “You Tore Me Down”
This album is perfect, and this Flamin’ Groovies cover is a highlight. Audio

The Nobility “Hallelujah Chorus”
Pop greatness from Nashville-based, analog-loving, tour-trekking underdogs.