Fake Yoga
The Foxymorons’ 5th long-player, Fake Yoga, is a joyous collection of abrasive, nervous, tuneful guitar rock. However, underneath the strange amp noise and boyish vocals are deceptively effortless melodies addressing themes of anxiety, restlessness and escape. The record hearkens back to the band’s own earlier output, especially their noisy and lo-fi debut 7” single. Ultimately, the duo prove on Fake Yoga that they can channel their penchant for graceful melody into songs that skronk and squeal.

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Sentient Creatures
Later, Alligator
The People
Spinning On A Needle
Frontier Feelings
Always Come Back
Permanent Frown
Slow Geometry
Mixed Meds



Bible Stories
2010. Bible Stories, an erudite and giddy collection of pop songs recorded over the freezing winter months in a creaky basement in Nashville, Tennessee. The songs revel in a certain scruffy, underdog status while emoting about “teenage typing queens” and the meditative virtues of gardening. We could go on, noting comparisons to Pavement or idiosyncratic late-period Big Star but perhaps you should just take a listen instead?

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Out Of Control
Skinny Cow Blues
This Too Shall Pass
Say It Aloud
Big Decision
We All Crawl
Sick Of California
Meskeeters (Sweet Sixteen)
All You Ever Wanted
Bible Stories



Hesitation Eyes
2005. Why do you not own this record? Our long-player about divorces, library fines and Ivy league grade inflation. The song “Hesitation Eyes” ushered in a new age of sad sacks in Mohawks and untied desert boots. Girls drank gin and cranked Edison cylinders to hear “The Lazy Librarian’s Son” while crying their eyes out. The record was even played semi-frequently on KCRW’s “Morning Becomes Eclectic” to the confusion of California commuters. Stop everything. Dust off your iTunes password and buy this one post-haste.

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Harvard Hands
Just Because
Still In Love
Lazy Librarian’s Son
Between The Lines
Bending Back
This Heart Of Mine
Terror On The Tarmac
Pistol By Your Side
Everything Changes
Are You Tired?
Hesitation Eyes



Rodeo City

2001. The first record in the band’s “Mesquite Trilogy”. A classic even if no one knows it yet. These songs were written and played entirely by us, except for a trio of songs on which our friend Will Johnson of the excellent bands Centro-matic and South San Gabriel played drums.

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Left Sideways
August Moon
Baby Blue
Ready To Go
Something Out There
When I Lie
Summer Bummer




1999. Our debut long player put out by the fine folks at Berkeley, California’s American Pop Project. Played on a Sunday night low-frequency radio show near you, this lo-fi, scattershot affair made no compromises. Fans of noisy twee indie rock the world over demanded refunds.

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Going Down!
The Duke Of Gloucester
Almost Active
Bombay: A Silver Anthem
Hands-On Presentation
Broken Heart
Simply Enough
My Shoulder Hurts
Something New
Please Be Miranda
Down That Road



The Silver Leaves EP (7″ Single)

1998. The first release. Two sides of scratchy, hiss-laden guitar pop. It features the duo’s (in)coherent and blistering statement of purpose, “Ten X”. Hand-numbered.

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Ten X
Going Down!
Almost Active
Please Be Miranda