San Francisco Weekly

Turning 21 as an indie rocker is the motherlode. Turning 31 as an indie rocker is just a mother. If you’re still playing music, you’re supposed to have, you know, evolved. Go Brazilian. Compose minimalist film scores. Anything but the same old, same old. Which is exactly why the Foxymorons are such a breath of fresh air. The duo of David Dewese and Jerry James loved alt-rock bands like Teenage Fanclub and the Lemonheads 10 years ago, and dammit, they still love them now. The Foxymorons’ gusto for the days of honeyed hooks and distortion pedals makes their third CD gobs of fun. As on previous efforts, Dewese and James split the singing duties democratically. This time out, though, the high-gloss recording allows you to really savor James’ reedy, pouting vocals and Dewese’s Texas-fried version of Teenage Fanclub’s Norman Blake (right down to the stoner bayybeeee’s). The harmonies are dreamy; the lyrics satisfyingly full of disdainful women; and the title track gives Dinosaur Jr.’s ’90s anthem “Freak Scene” a run for its rockin’ money. Stay young, my foxy friends, you’re on to something good here.