Given the band’s silly name and the fact that almost nobody has even heard of them, it’s a shock that the Foxymorons’ sophomore effort is so damn stunning and addictive. It’s certainly more than you would expect from a sly pair of twentysomething fellows channeling Big Star, the Velvets, and other greats in a basement in Dallas, Texas. But although the Foxmorons basically have the same methods and ingredients as so many faceless college rock bands, their songwriting is frighteningly sharp, almost like lost cuts from the boys’ hallowed heroes themselves (with some Beach Boys and Byrds to boot). The standout second song, “August Moon,” is the perfect single that never was, a sweetly yearning singalong that toys with its own catchy cleverness. And that’s the rule here, not the exception. Indie rock jangle and rootsy hooks have seldom hit home as frequently as they do on Rodeo City. If all your Pavement and Sebadoh records have become too familiar and bland, look to the Foxymorons for that much-deserved blast of exhilaratingly fresh air.