Solo Turn

here’s the report on my solo show. i’d never done one before so it took me a few songs to get used to the acoustic thing and knowing that i was “the boring acoustic guy” for the night. it was weird to not have a band to hide behind. luckily, i was warmed up after three songs. for the fourth song i played baby blue and gave a big plug for the band and our albums. as usual in nashville, i had to convince a few people i wasn’t lying. our name just lends it’s self to jokes. the first song, “the lazy librarian’s son” was awesome. the crowd was dead silent. it was like a foxymorons spell had been cast. i should have just left. jerry told me the same thing happened when he played it at his solo show. man, i can’t wait to record that one. all in all, i played luxury liners songs, foxymorons songs, and a few songs that i just wanted to play for the fun of it. i’d wanted to play more unreleased songs but i couldn’t remember all the words so i played it safe with older material.

here’s the set list:

1. it’s you – luxury liner song to get me warmed up

2. without you – luxury song

3. fifteen again – newer luxury song

4. baby blue – this song went pretty good

5. lazy librarian’s son – the best one of the night. it’ll be on our next album.

6. i love you – old david song

7. i wanna be with you – old david song

8. tell me tonight – old david song

9. waiting for the sun – luxury song

10. something out there – i laughed on the bridge just like on the record