Best band name this month goes to those Foxymorons featuring the Texas/Tennessee pairing of David Dewese and Jerry James augmented by sundry hired hands. Their new release, “Bible Stories” (Foxyphoton Records #002) is none two shabby, either, chock full of catchy tunes and great hooks that makes you think they’ve been around for an eternity. Eclectic and stylish pop this most certainly is and nicely arranged too, as the boys alternate vocal duties although I know not who’s is who. One has a cracked vocal delivery that lends itself to the slightly quirkier songs such as the excellent “Skinny Cow Blues” and the harder “Say It Aloud”, the other a more straight ahead, high register voice that tends to grace the more conventionally melodic songs like “Out of Control” and “Sick of California”. It hardly matters who is who, there’s so much good stuff on offer and probably something for almost everyone (unless perhaps you’re still locked in the Drone Zone). Fans of Big Star and Wilco would do well to check these guys out, and will probably enjoy the occasional forays into Pavement/Dinosaur Jr territory as well. www.foxymorons.com