The Big Takeover

The Foxymorons are not your regular kind of band. Members Jerry James and David Dewese don’t live in the same city, have never played out, began playing together in a church, and James doesn’t even own a decent guitar. But Calcutta is not your average record, either. The album is all over the pop map, visiting a multitude of influences from the past 20 years. “Reel-to-Reel,” which contains the great line, “You know you can’t go wrong/When you record your own songs,” bears resemblance to early Cars; “Hands-on Presentation” reminds of Sebadoh; and you’d swear that “Duke of Gloucester” was an XTC outtake. Regardless of the style-hopping, The Foxymorons’ writing is top-notch. Maybe if other bands followed their unconventional path, they’d produce records as good.