The Foxymorons Present the Bible Stories LP

Aw man, I know, I know.  Looking over these “recent” news items, I can’t help but feel a tugging sense of regret and missed opportunity.  Where have we been?  Where have you been?  Look, let’s not dwell in the past.  The important thing is that we’ve missed each other…and if it’s any consolation, the scrappy underdogs from Mesquite, Texas have recorded a brand new LP.    Finally!  We recorded just like the old days, cheaply, haphazardly, and with lots of love.  Our pal Brian Fuzzell once again manned the drumkit.  We shared stories, froze in the basement, drank enthusiastically, ate at the meat-and-three next door, zip-lined at our friend Sally’s house and fashioned makeshift sleds for winter hi-jinks.  And here’s the thing:  A new record.  TItled BIble Stories.  Out August 24, 2010.